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1 What wood specie do you recommend and why?

We recommend Eastern white pine or Western red cedar.

Stability-Size-Availability-Looks & Performance.


2 Do you offer other species upon request?

Yes! We can explain the pros and cons of your preferred specie to help you make an educated decision.


3 How is your product dried?

Primarily our logs are kiln dried, although an ample amount of air drying is also standard. Contact us for more details.

4 What is the moisture content of your logs?

Our logs have an average moisture content of 18% at the center. Don’t be fooled by a dry exterior core. You need to know the moisture content of the center as well.


5 How much settlement should I expect?

½” in a ten-foot stack height. (Not per log!)

6 What log profiles do you offer?

D – Style, Square, Full Round, Double D, Beveled Edge


7 What corner styles do you offer?

Dovetail – Mortise & Tenon – Saddle Notch – Post


8 What type of finishes can I choose from?

Smooth, Rough Sawn, Hand Hewn, Hand Peeled, Chinked Log

9 How are the logs put together?

Oly Hogs (24” on center) Butyl Sealant, Dovetail joinery, Log builder sealants, Sikkens products and Insecticides.


10 What types of service does your company offer?

We offer: Custom log packages, DRY – IN Construction and Turn Key Construction.


11 How do you define “Turn Key”?

Many companies define turn-key as we define dry-in! Turn-key is a complete job. (From grading & excavation to handing you the keys.) Contact us for more information.


12 Who builds my home?

Kevin Nunn – Bear Creek Log Homes.


13 Who is my general contractor?

Kevin Nunn – Bear Creek Log Homes

14 Is Bear Creek Log Homes (Kevin Nunn) a licensed company?

Yes, with a NC unlimited license (#47142) & VA license (#2705150843)

15 Can you provide a stamped drawing for my state, county, snow load, wind zone, etc.?



16 Can you customize my plan?

Yes! We have “in house” architects to assist you in designing your dream home!

17 Can you provide multiple references?

Yes! We suggest 20 or more!


18 How about older references?

We suggest checking references 10 years of older as well as new ones.


19 Can we tour homes under construction and completed homes?

Yes! We probably have some in your area!


20 How many years of building experience do you have?

Our manufacturer Log Homes of America has been in business since 1989. Kevin Nunn has been building custom homes for over 30 years. (25 of those years in the log home business.)


21 Are you members of the Log Home Council and the Better Business Bureau?

Our manufacturer “Log Homes of America”, is a member of the Log Home Council and the BBB. Bear Creek Log Homes is a member of the BBB.


22 If I build with you, what warranties would my home have?

Your home would have a limited lifetime warranty. (Contact us for more details.)

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